Why won't my dog eat? Why is my dog so fussy?

First of all don't panic!

 If they are leaving the food, they simply don't need it at this time. If your dog is a good weight, drinking and behaving normally but hasn't eaten in days there is nothing to worry about. Problems getting your dog to eat can understandably it can be a real source of daily stress! We hope this list can help. 

Here is the easy fix....          Feed less.

 Wait, Wait... Hear us out!

Dogs aren't like people. They are happy bingeing one day then not eating for week (just as a wolf would) and its perfectly healthy. If you want your dog to eat every day single or be less fussy simply feed less consistently so they are hungry for it.


 The Cycle

Owners often feed too much over a period of time, this could only be by a few grams
"But he eats the sausage I give him so he is definitely hungry... it must be the raw food that he doesn't like or he would eat that too."
Dogs will often accept yummy extras whilst turning their nose up at their more nutritious raw. If I have had my lunch and was completely full- I'd still accept a chocolate bar! 
"She loves a brand of food for a while then she just won't touch it.  So it can't be because it's not because shes not hungry, its not a problem, I just have to keep changing it."
If the dog is not enough hungry they will only eat a food if is it is novelty. Once the novelty wears off you are back to square one. If you have to resort to such measures you are overfeeding your dog which is not healthy. Not to mention it's exhausting and expensive as you may have to throw food away.

Some eat till they pop and some are great at maintaining their weight.

Have a feel of your dog’s waist.
Is there a layer of fat? Does it tuck in enough? Are the ribs easily palpable?
For most breeds you should be able to see their first rib and always feel them.
If your dog is carrying a of extra weight their instincts may tell them not to eat as much. Even If they are the perfect weight they may only be eating enough to maintain it and no more.

Remember: A healthy weight may be perceived as "skinny" as overweight dogs are more common. If your dog is carrying even a few extra pounds it wears down their joints more quickly and will cause daily pain especially if your dog is genetically predisposed to joint/hip problems.


Ok, ok... Besides feed less -what can I do ?

  1. Feed once a day You can feed adult dogs once per day (or just fewer times) so they are more likely to be hungry for it. It's also less effort and stress for you.  Constantly picking up and putting down the food is exhausting and frustrating! 

2. Reduce the amount you are feeding until you find an amount that worksOnce your dog is finished growing (at about 12 months) they need drastically less than when they are a puppy, so double check using a raw feeding calculator like the one on the website: https://www.rawmadesimple.co.uk/. If your dog is small it may even finish growing at 9 months!

No food calculator is perfect though if it says your dog needs 500g but he only eats 250g and maintains a good weight then that's ok.
The amount they need will be different depending on how active they are and their metabolism. Just reduce the amount until they begin to get enthusiastic about meal times again. 

 3. Cut out treats and tid-bits.Those treats add up, and are enough to fill dog's bellies. 

A crust of bread can fill them completely.

Of course a roast dinner tastes better to a dog than raw however it is much less nutritious and dripping in fat. It will be harder to get a dog back on raw after giving them human food.

4. Don’t give in If your dog sniffs their food and walks away:

Simply put it back in the fridge and don't offer it again for at least 4 hours.
Don't worry they will be fine! If they needed it they would have eaten it.
No healthy dog will starve itself. You will find that once your dog accepts that he is not going to be offered anything else, he will eat when he is hungry. 
"But my dog wasn't this fussy before going to raw!"
Fussiness if more likely to happen on raw because it is so nutritionally rich that dog's don't need very much of it. Therefore its quite easy to overfeed. Please don't lose faith, raw is nutritionally the best for your dog, it just takes a little more work to find the right amount.
Seek veterinary advice if you dog is refusing food and losing weight as there is probably something else going on. Its is also worth checking their mouths for any physical reason they don’t want to eat- like an abscess or wound.
Good luck, lets get those pups eating again! :)