What is Raw feeding?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding (BARF) replicates the diets of pet’s closest wild counterparts, wolves! Even a chiwawa is nearly genetically identical to a wolf!

Though dogs have evolved to tolerate grain and vegetables they thrive best when on a diet of meat. The raw diet is based on what dogs/wolves have been observed to eat in the wild.

Most of the minces at All Raw are complete. This means they are made up of meat (80%), bone (10%) and organ (5% liver, 5% other organ like brain). This is the next best thing to giving them a whole animal like a wolf would eat (but much easier for you!).

Some owners choose to buy meat, bones and organ separately and work out the ratios themselves. Which we also cater to, but make sure you are getting it correct as your dog  can suffer long-term health issues if you don't!


Buying pre-packaged minces is often a cheaper and easier feeding method but it is good to vary the diet by providing whole prey (cats and dogs can digest fur which is great for their gut!) and meaty bones. If you feed the 80/10/10 minces and want to feed whole bones as well, it is best to feed boneless meat or tripe for that day to prevent the bone ratio becoming too high.