What is Raw feeding?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding (BARF) replicates the diets of pet’s closest wild counterparts.

People who raw feed generally use Prey Model Raw means to feed raw meat, bones and organs in the ratios of 80/10/10. Dogs and cats have much stronger stomachs than us and are designed to break down raw bone. Some owners choose to buy bones, organs and meat and work out the correct ratios whilst others prefer to feed frozen minces which are already 80/10/10.

Buying pre-packaged minces is often a cheaper and easier feeding method but it is good to vary the diet by providing whole prey (cats and dogs can digest fur which is great for their gut!) and meaty bones. If you feed the 80/10/10 minces and want to feed whole bones as well, it is best to feed boneless meat or tripe for that day to prevent the bone ratio becoming too high.