My dog is always itchy/has infected ears/bad tummy, can raw help?

Does your dog suffer from  all or or any of these symptoms?

  • Itchy flaky skin with hot red spots or bumps. 
  • Bold patches
  • Frequent ear infections, scratching the ears or head shaking with a dark reddish discharge in the ears
  • Chewing or licking the feet, and dark rusty-red hair between the toes.
  • Smelly and greasy hair

These symptoms can appear seemingly overnight. Particularly when the dog reaches maturity at 12-15 months. No issues, then BOOM!


  • Canine Allergies

Bad gut bacteria is often the cause of allergy symptoms

Much like us dogs have yeast bacteria colonies in their guts, ears and on their skin. If this delicate balance between the yeast bacteria and gut flora is disrupted yeast can over-grow causing the above symptoms. People get this too! It is now becoming common knowledge that having a diverse micro biome is the KEY to human health. It is much the same for dogs, gut health is everything!

Once you have sorted the gut health out allergy symptoms will improve and you pet will be less hypersensitive to environmental pollutants.

What ruins gut health?

  • Highly processed foods
  • Antibiotics, steroids, drugs and other chemical products
  • We expose our dogs to these disruptors daily!

Vets will treat the symptoms rather than the underlying problem.

They may prescribe expensive monthly injections or steroids to reduce the inflammation, or antibiotic ear drops to treat infections. You can not take your dogs off these products or they will revert back. They will also recommend "hypoallergenic" pet food which are highly processed and only marginally improve the condition. 

Seasonal allergies and yeast imbalance.

 Yeast imbalances cause the immune system to become hypersensitive (also called an immune system over load) this causes seasonal allergies to become much worse. The way to cure this is by healing the gut first. 

Steps to take to heal the gut:

 1. Swap to raw. Commercial pet food is is full of grains and vegetables so swapping significantly reduces the amount of processed foods your dog is exposed to: this step alone is sometimes enough to heal the gut

2. Cut out vegetables and carbs. They are nutritionally null and become sugars in the gut which feeds that unhealthy yeast bacteria. Dogs lack the digestive enzyme to break down most veg. However, some veg that has been broken down already can have benefits to gut bacteria and flora. Smartbarf can be very helpful for improving gut health.

3. Add a probiotic. Add a probiotic. Kefir is a great probiotic to help balance the good gut bacteria. Tripe is also a natural probiotic and the best meat to start the process with. You can get even stronger probiotics such as zoolac propaste which are very gentle and fantastic for gut health. Bone broth is also fantastic for healing the gut and joint health. Its is inexpensive and you can make it yourself if you want.

4. Add anti-inflammatory supplements. The more the better! This will help to ease the symptoms of swollen eyes, skin and itchiness. Golden paste which contains apple cyder vinegar, turmeric, black pepper and cumin is a good place to start and inexpensive. Fenugreek is also a great addition (anti-histamine properties and anti-inflammatory). Organic bee pollen can also help reduce allergy symptoms and is easy to add.

5. Stop feeding chicken or any animal that is primarily grain fed. Chicken is fed on grain. Your dog is indirectly eating grain if it is eating raw chicken, which will make the symptoms worse. Any protein can be a trigger but we would suggest starting with any of these: tripe, rabbit, duck, goat, venison, pheasant. The more unusual the meat the less likely it is to be a trigger. When introducing new proteins feed the same one for at least a week to check the dog's reaction.

Elimination diet

So if your dog is itchy but you don't know what is triggering it:

Go with a protein like duck or rabbit (with plain tripe at lease once a week) for 2-3 weeks.

See if the itchiness/symptoms reduces.

If it does reduce you know your dog is good on duck and you have eliminated any other potential trigger meats. Warning: it can take weeks, but its well worth it! Then try again with a new meat: we suggest rabbit, venison, goat.

"If tripe is so full of probiotics why can't my dog just stay on that? They much prefer it!" 

Tripe is smelly and they do tend to love it, so it can be hard to get them interested in blander meats like rabbit again. But tripe is just meat, there is no bone and organ like complete foods. Ideally they will go back onto the completes. If your having trouble see:







Other additions:

Salmon Oil (great for coat health and helping to keep the skin moisturized and less prone to irritation. Or you can give YuDERM. It contains enriched Omega 3 pressed Salmon oil helps to calm and soothe sensitive skin. Omega 3 oils from Golden Flax seed. This helps to support and strengthen your dog's hair follicles to help them keep hold of their hair for longer. This improves your dog’s coat condition and reduces molting.

Organic Bee Pollen can reduce allergy symptoms drastically and has a whole host of benefits.

Seaweed conditioning powder is also great for skin health loaded with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

 Detoxing. It can get worse before it is better. Sometimes customers come back after a week saying the dog is cured, others lose patience because it can take months. The symptoms may worsen for a while as the dog's body strains to filter the dead yeast bacteria. Don't give up!

Here I have only covered, what is in my experience, the most common cause of allergies. However, if you have followed these steps for months to no avail you there are a few health problems that cause similar symptoms, such as feeding too much omega 6, leaky gut syndrome and hypothyroidism. Raw feeding advice and support is a fantastic source that talks you through how to heal your pet through diet.