Low-purine raw diet

Easy low purine starter guide for dogs with struvite bladder stones and all dalmatians

Low-purine diets are always organ/offal free as organ meat contains purines. Too much of this purine causes your body to produce more uric acid. High uric acid level leads to more acid in your pets urine, which results in uric acid stones forming.

Suitable proteins are: Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Turkey, Duck, Rabbit, white fish (not oily fish)

Products to recommend:

  • Landywoods meat and bone minces, duck, duck and tripe, chicken, turkey and tripe (anything not 80/10/10)
  • Natures menu minces/freeflow
  • Low-purine nutriment support

Week 1: Green Tripe Only or boneless chicken/turkey

Week 2: Chicken/turkey mince with bone (landywoods or natures menu chicken mince 400g)

Week 3: Add in another protein of choice being mindful to keep overall bone content to 10%.

Week 4: Add egg 2-3 times a week. Eggs are one of nature's perfect protein sources and are full of amino and fatty acids that are extremely good for your dog's skin and coat. They also provide a variety of vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Riboflavin, Folate, Iron, and Selenium, making raw eggs a superfood for dogs.

Week 5: Start feeding bones like chicken wings to help clean the teeth. On a day that you are feeding a lot of bone its best feed boneless meat or tripe the next day to keep the bone content low.

Add water: dogs prone to bladder stones need more water to flush out their system. Try adding extra water to their meals.

New Puppies can usually move through the process a little more quickly. A new protein can usually be added every three or four days, but as always keep an eye on the poop and if it is too loose add a little more bone and if too dry or crumbly then add more boneless meat. Puppies need 1 whole egg a day until they are a year old when 3-4 a week will suffice. Eggs are a whole food and great for skin and coat condition.