But surely they need vegetables?

You'll just have to see it again...

No, not really, you'll just pick it up again when it's gone through them!

There is very little scientific evidence that vegetables are beneficial to dogs. Though dogs do have the enzyme amylase in small amounts, its is not enough to fully break down veg. Commercial dog food companies like to make you think they need it as they get to add vegetables, grain and cereals to bulk out the meat (the expensive part for them) and make the product shelf stable and therefore more sellable. Since we humanise dogs its easy to buy this lie because we want them to eat like we do!

A raw diet is a diet without these filler products, it 100% digestible making smaller less stinky poos and heathier tummies!

"I don't care, my dog likes it so what's the problem?"

If you want to feed vegetables you can- its your dog! We sell a few minces that do contain veg if you choose. However I would suggest you cut out the vegetables if your dog suffers any of the following:

  • Inconsistent poos
  • flatulence 
  • Allergies such as streaming eyes, ear infections, itchy skin, hotspots (it feeds the bad yeast bacteria in the gut)


Tripe is the intestines and stomach lining of a herbivore (usually cows or sheep) and is a fantastic natural probiotic. Dogs and cats lack the enzymes to retrieve nutrients from regular veg but tripe contains greens that have already been somewhat digested by the herbivore and are actually very nutritious. Tripe makes a great addition to you pets diet.

 Smart Barf

If you want to add veg Smart barf is a mix of seeds, legumes and leafy veg. It is powdered and therefore more nutritionally available to the dog and can actually help improve gut flora diversity.